Idaho is Highly Growing State By Population

Iowa's growth rate is at 0.47 percent.									Posted Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM					Updated Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM

Iowa's growth rate is at 0.47 percent. Posted Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM Updated Dec. 20 2017 1:01 PM

Census data released by the U.S. Census Bureau show MA from July 1016 through July 2017, saw its population increase by about half a percent.

From July 1, 2016 to July 1 of this year, the Lone Star State grew by 399,734 new residents, pushing Texas past the 28 million mark.

Different states in the West - Nevada, Utah and Washington - saw comparative rate increments in their populace.

Population Estimates Branch Chief Luke Rogers says domestic migration is the main driver in Idaho's increase.

Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Vermont that all lost population in 2016, all made slight population gains this year.

IL is no longer the fifth-largest state in the U.S., according to data released December 20 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

From July 2016 to July 2017, almost 115,000 Illinoisans left for other states on net, according to the Census data.

That represents 1% of the Cowboy state's total population and the largest percentage decline in the country.

Illinois' population loss was the worst in the country on a numerical basis, and on a percentage basis it was second from the bottom, with only West Virginia faring worse.

Meanwhile, in neighboring states such as Idaho, Colorado and Utah, the labor market continued to expand, which drew a number of people away from Wyoming.

The estimates for Puerto Rico are as of July 1, 2017, and therefore do not reflect the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017.

Much of that was due to people moving there from other states. It's a.72 percent growth nationwide.

The census figures showed that Stamford, with 129,113 people, gained 239 residents and its population grew by 5.3 percent since 2010. Wyoming has around 579,000 individuals while the Land of Lincoln has more than 6.6 million. Net global migration decreased 1.8% - the first drop since 2012 to 2013.

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