Google will rescue bike-riders caught in traffic jams

Google Maps Motorcycle Mode Launched in India for 2 Wheeler

Google Maps gets 'Two-wheeler' mode in India, can suggests road closures and parking status

Two-wheeler mode offers numerous same features as vehicle and truck navigation through Google Maps. And since so many Indians rely on local landmarks for navigation, two-wheeler mode will show major landmarks on the route so that riders can plan their trip before starting, and don't have to keep checking the phone on the go.

As pointed out in screenshots provided by Android Police, this mode cuts off a few minutes off of shorter rides, and up to an hour off of longer ones.

The two-wheeler mode will help bikers find the most suitable route in India.

Google is adding two-wheeler mode only a week after Waze added a similar mode. The new feature will be visible along with the auto, train, and walking options. This feature will tell you the fastest, and most efficient route to a destination. The feature will be available on Google Maps in India from Tuesday and will offer accurate travel times to reflect speeds, customised routing and voice guided navigation and enhance landmark navigation for two-wheeler drivers.

Other countries will also benefit from this feature, so all bikers making worldwide trips, have a reason to cheer. Google Maps has also realized this finally and on this notion, has designed the service to specifically facilitate the two-wheelers.

The two-wheeler mode on the Google Maps is an addition to vehicle, train and foot. Motorcycle and scooter users will now be able to navigate their way with the two wheeler mode in their navigation. Google claims it's an "India-first" feature, so chances are it will spread to other regions too.

For most Google Maps users, getting directions to a destination comes with three or four options: cars, public transportation, walking, and possibly cycling.

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