Google Sends 60-Day Warning To App Developers, Brands

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Google Sends 60-Day Warning To App Developers, Brands

The new restrictions provided by "Safe Browsing team' cites that apps are required to provide their privacy policy and prompt users to share their data".

Developers have been given 60 days to comply with what is described as an expansion of Google's existing Unwanted Software Policy.

Safe Browsing warnings will appear "on apps and on websites leading to apps that collect a user's personal data without their consent".

Developers of applications that handle personal user data, including email addresses, phone numbers or other device data will need to include a message alerting users to that fact and provide their own privacy policy as well.

Developers will also need to offer a way for users to give their "affirmative consent" if an app collects and transmits personal data that's unrelated to the functionality of the app. For instance, if an application requires sending analytics, it can't transmit information unrelated to the app unless it discloses the reason and gets permission from the user. If an app continues to stray from the policy, users are likely to see its Safe Browsing full-page warnings, which will probably drive users away from the offending software. And now, it's launching a new app entirely dedicated for the same on Android platforms. The app also needs to prominently explain how user data will be used. Or they can simply ignore the change and hope that most users will continue to ignore Android's numerous warnings.

Google's new disclosure requirements calls on app developers to ensure that any data they collect and notices pertaining to such collection are compliant with US-EU Privacy Shield principles.

On its blog post, Google said, "These requirements apply to apps in Google Play and non-Play app markets". This will help to crack down on malicious apps, including those from third-party sources that would previously go unnoticed by the Safe Browsing service.

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