Google Completely Removing YouTube Support From Amazon's Echo Show, Fire TV

Google Starts Blocking YouTube on Fire TV, Echo Show

Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show are losing YouTube as Google feud escalates

Google, which is owned by Alphabet, said on Tuesday that the decision to block YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV was due to a "lack of reciprocity" from Amazon, and followed failed attempts to reach an agreement over mutual access to products and services for customers of both companies. "Consumers bought Amazon devices with the belief they could watch YouTube, but they can't".

Google has chose to block YouTube on multiple Amazon media devices, part of an escalating feud between the two tech companies.

"We've been trying to reach an agreement with Amazon to give consumers access to each other's products and services", a spokesperson told The Sun. It is also preventing Amazon's Echo Show device from accessing the video streaming service.

And then Amazon chose to just restore YouTube to the Echo Show without Google's permission: A few weeks ago, YouTube returned to the Echo Show, much to the surprise and delight of the Show's userbase, and much to the surprise of Google, who hadn't authorized it and found out about it from the news.

Last month, Amazon was able to bring back YouTube support on the Echo Show, albeit through a workaround.

Hope Corrigan is an Australian freelance writer for IGN.

Amazon and Apple mended ties earlier this year when it was announced Prime Video would come to Apple TV. In case a deal isn't reached, YouTube on Echo and Fire devices will stop working on January 1st.

The article concludes by pointing out that asking Amazon's Alexa to buy a Chromecast leads to a pitch for an Amazon Fire TV stick instead.

YouTube blocked the Echo Show's work-around effective December 5.

One of Engadget's sources also claims that Google wants Amazon to start selling some of its products like the Chromecast and Google Home, but Amazon is reluctant to do so since those would directly compete with its Fire TV devices and Echo smart speakers. Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, they all need each other and yet also will happily work with anybody to get a leg up on their hated friends and beloved enemies.

Amazon said Google was "setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website", but said they hoped to resolve the dispute. We hope to resolve this with Google as soon as possible. Lastly, Amazon also recently pulled some of Nest's products from its online store.

In an act of retaliation, Amazon pulled Google's Nest E Thermostat, Nest's Camera IQ, and the Nest Secure alarm system from its store.

The bickering between Google and Amazon has been going on several years as they have ratcheted up the competition with each other.

YouTube was supposed to disappear from the Echo Show Tuesday, although Amazon has previously found ways to make unauthorized versions of YouTube available on that device.

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