Google blocks YouTube access from Amazon's streaming devices

YouTube cracks down on disturbing videos of children

Google to block YouTube from two Amazon devices

The Amazon Prime Video streaming app is now available for Apple TV.

Amazon announced earlier that their Prime Video app is now available in more than 100 countries around the word.

Aside from that, the Apple TV app also now supports live sports coverage from ESPN and National Basketball Association with partnership from the National Basketball Association and Turner Sports.

The problem in the past several years is that Apple TV has been more expensive than the competition while being stuck in the 1080p world and lacking access to a key streaming service - Amazon Prime Video. It wasn't until relatively recently at WWDC 2017 when Apple and Amazon belatedly said they had reached an agreement to develop a dedicated tvOS app for the Apple TV.

In the US, UK, Germany and Austria, Prime Video subscribers can also enjoy some of their favourite TV channels, with over 140 channel subscriptions available in the US, and 95 in the other locales.

The rivalry between Google and Amazon has heated up as the search giant and online retailer have moved quickly into hardware and internet services. On those devices, Google's YouTube and Play services often get prominent billing in search results, but at least you can get Amazon video.

Using the newest app, Apple TV users can access Amazon's growing library of movies and TV shows including Amazon Original content. Apple isn't trying to be a retail giant either, so you could imagine Siri one day allowing you to shop on Amazon or Google Express.

The video-streaming access fight has been brewing for some time. This, too, can be synced across all users' Apple devices.

"Making the situation even more unusual is that when I first installed the Amazon Video app yesterday, shows were appearing with the 5.1 header information on them". Where movies are not available for streaming via a Prime subscription, the app often says that the content can instead be purchased or rented. They want the content all in one place.

Either way, with no headway being made in that domain just yet, Fire TV users who open the YouTube app on their devices are now met with a message informing them that "starting on 1 Jan 2018, YouTube will not be available on this device".

With Amazon finally relenting on its years-long holdout, it seems the company may be finally realising it needs support from partners such as Apple if its streaming video service is going to thrive.

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