Good Riddance 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season

NASA Simulation Shows 2017 Hurricane Timeline

NASA Simulation Shows 2017 Hurricane Timeline

Charleston mayor John Tecklenberg warned citizens of the storm's power as well.

Harvey (August 25, in Texas) and Irma (September 10, in Florida) made landfall in the continental 2017 as major hurricanes; Maria was also classified as a major hurricane when it struck on September 20 in Puerto Rico, a us territory.

In late August, Harvey fell apart over the Caribbean, but fired back up in the Bay of Campeche to a tropical storm and quickly became a Category 4 hurricane with 130 miles per hour winds on Aug. 25. As a much weaker system, Harvey continued to dump torrential rains across Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana and made a second landfall near Cameron, Louisiana.

There were 17 named storms this year-the ninth most in recorded history. This marked the tenth consecutive storm to reach hurricane status!

The season saw two category 4 hurricanes - Harvey and Irma - make landfall on the continental US, the first such occurrence, he said, since records started being kept in 1851.

A total of 438 lives were lost during the 2017 season. The 2017 season had the most named storms and hurricanes since 2005 when 28 named storms developed, and 15 of them became hurricanes.

Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma
Long Road to Recovery Begins After Irma

NOAA says based on the Accumulated Cyclone Energy index, which measures the combined intensity and duration of storms and is used to classify the strength of the season as a whole, 2017 was the 7th most active season on record, dating back to 1851. In this post, we'll focus on some of the statistics and records that this season set.

"In six short months, the next hurricane season will be upon us".

The hurricane began as a strong tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa Aug. 27th and was upgraded to a tropical storm on the 30th, then to a hurricane on Aug. 31st. That weakened the vertical wind shear that tends to limit development of tropical storms in the Atlantic.

Six named storms made landfall on the continental United States this year, two of them Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were Category 4 storms when they made landfall.

The monster storm completely destroyed the Caribbean island of Barbuda with 185 miles per hour winds; it was also the first Category 5 hurricane to make landfall in Cuba since 1924 and the first to hit the Bahamas since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Harvey devastated the Texas coast for six days with constant heavy rain that caused deadly flooding.

"There are still ways and methods [the Hurricane Center] can improve upon, so the public can understand a bit easier because if you're not in this field, you don't practice this, you don't see this every day, you can get confused", said Dr. Spearo.

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