GM Wants to Launch a Full-Scale Autonomous Ride-Sharing Service in 2019

Volvo cars will be fitted with self-driving tech developed by UberVolvo

Volvo cars will be fitted with self-driving tech developed by UberVolvo

Soon after announcing a future rollout of autonomous Bolts to New York City, General Motors has laid out its plan for autonomous ride-sharing to investors, and while only general details are available at the moment, we have learned some interesting tidbits about GM's plans. He repeated Chief Executive Mary Barra's promise in October that GM would roll out self-driving cars within "quarters, not years".

GM has ample motivation to figure out ride-hailing. Once they're on the road, the vehicles' computers will constantly learn and improve. However this announcement helps to solidify the industry speculation that autonomous vehicles will eventually be the sole vessels for ride-hailing services - and, if done strategically, automakers like GM can highly profit from the shift.

The analyst said it made business sense for the different mobility services such as Lyft and Uber to shoulder initial expenses for the costly autonomous and electric vehicles. The Detroit automaker's testbeds for the self-driving Bolt are in Warren, San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona. That is expected to drive consumer adoption, which is crucial to achieving profitability. Robo-taxi service is seen as the main use for most self-driving vehicles, including the Bolt.

Google's Waymo division is testing self-driving minivans in Phoenix, carrying passengers without a backup driver in the front seat. It was a vindication of sorts for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV CEO Sergio Marchionne, who placed his bets on Silicon Valley's ability to move faster on self-driving technology than traditional automakers.

The No.1 US automaker - which views electric and autonomous vehicles as the keystones of future transport - said it believes government regulations will support development of self driving cars in the coming few years. Cruise's in-house development of lidar slashes the cost of these complex devices that pulse lasers to measure distances. "We've basically taken some of the best technology in the market and accelerated its deployment". The autonomous vehicle team at Cruise is growing by roughly 900 employees to 2,100 workers by early 2018.

General Motors wants to create and cash in on operating a ride-hailing business featuring its self-driving vehicles.

The news organization notes that after the Thursday afternoon presentation, GM's shares fell 1.8 percent, $43.04 per share.

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