Claytor Lake wants your Christmas tree

Christmas trees to be mulched

Christmas trees to be mulched

"Our Christmas tree recycling program is a way for residents to safely dispose of their Christmas trees and gives the township a source of much-needed mulch".

By combining forces with the Charlottesville Curb Side Pick-Up Program, the joint programs collected over 4200 trees a year ago, yielding approximately 201 cubic yards of mulch.

Traditionally, the evergreen fir tree was used to celebrate winter festivals (pagan and Christian) for thousands of years.

Roughly one million acres are dedicated to tree farming.

For those in the Cape Fear Region who celebrated Christmas with a live Christmas Tree and who are wondering what to do with the tree, look no further.

Claytor Lake State Park wants your tree to provide Christmas for the fishes.

The City of Wilmington will offer tree pickup with regularly scheduled trash services.

They are offering free Christmas tree composting until the end of January. The event page can be found online.

Christmas is over. So, what should you do with your live Christmas tree? The trees from the nursery are planted throughout the Lancaster County Park System.

All ornaments, lights and anything other than the natural tree must be removed. No flocked trees will be accepted.

In Douglas County you can drop your trees off at Bayou Gulch, Challenger Regional Park, Fairgrounds Regional Park, and Highland Heritage Regional Park.

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