After arrest in China, tangle with Trump, LiAngelo Ball to leave UCLA

LaVar Ball and his son Li Angelo Ball are seen in file

KABC La Var Ball and his son Li Angelo Ball are seen in file

Ball and two teammates were suspended indefinitely following their arrests in China.

LiAngelo Ball's UCLA career is over after one exhibition game and an indefinite suspension. But even without a landing spot, Lavar feels he can prepare LiAngelo for the National Basketball Association better than a college team can.

"This shouldn't be all that surprising-freshman LiAngelo is an inch shorter than big brother Lonzo, at 6'5", lacks the point guard skills that make Lonzo an intriguing prospect, and is equipped with the same janky jumper. We've got to serve some more punishment. "I should have left them in jail!"

Now, we're over here (in the United States).

The trio apologized to their teammates, friends, families and the government - including President Donald Trump - at a news conference after they were returned to the US on November 14. "We respect the decision he and his family have made, and we wish him all the best in the future", UCLA Coach Steve Alford said in a statement released by the university.

LaVar Ball says in a TV interview his "grand plan" is for all three sons to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Ball and the other players thanked Trump-a bit too slowly for the president's liking-but Ball's father LaVar remains adamant that the president's desire for gratitude was unseemly. "I didn't realize until I got back to my hotel that was stupid but by then it was too late and then sure enough the next morning the police came and got us". "That's his passion. And for them to prolong this and go on and on, it's ridiculous to me".

The suspension could have been as long as three months, and as LiAngelo noted, "That's the whole season, pretty much".

"You just sit in a cement cell for however long", he said.

LaVar Ball told ESPN that he has pulled his son LiAngelo out of UCLA. The incident made global news and even President Donald Trump weighed in on the matter claiming he advocated and was responsible for the release of Ball and the other two UCLA players.

LaVar Ball, naturally, turned the moment into a branding effort, noting that he'd sent the White House three pairs of Big Baller shoes-"red, white, and blue, to show him we patriotic!" "I'd rather be playing".

"I ain't got no fallback plan". The ones who got it wrong, I don't worry about it.

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