Yemen: Saudi Arabia authorize flights to Sanaa

Saudi Arabia eases blockade, reopens Yemen's Hudaydah port

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The UN and other advocacy groups have pressured the Saudi-led coalition to allow aid into Yemen through the Hodeida and Saleef seaports, which the coalition had said they would reopen.

"We're monitoring these developments", Haq told reporters in NY.

The coalition imposed a total blockade of Yemen's ports and airports two days after the Houthis fired a missile at Saudi Arabia on November 4.

The UN humanitarian agency OCHA also said on Friday saying that supplies of petrol and diesel are expected to run out in the coming week and the largest fuel importing companies will no longer be able to supply the consumer market.

Yemen's largest airport in the capital of Sanaa will reopen to United Nations aircraft, while the Red Sea port of Hodeida will be able to once again receive urgent humanitarian aid, the Saudi-led coalition said on Wednesday. "If that were to happen that would be a very welcome and critically important development".

The move comes amid mounting calls from global aid groups, warning that mass starvation and lack of medication is going to soon be killing thousands of civilians daily in Yemen.

Since November 4th; there have been 82 permits issued to facilitate entry and aid distribution into Yemen: 40 permits through sea ports and 42 permits through airports.

"Humanitarian relief only provides a small portion of the essential goods needed in Yemen - commercial supplies are critical to feed the population and keep basic services running", it said.

The UN says a continuation of the two-week blockade would make Yemen's war-battered population more vulnerable to cholera and starvation.

The blockade of Yemeni ports and airports has been the reason for United Nations authorities' concern over the humanitarian situation in the country.

The International Rescue Committee on Wednesday said the closure of Yemeni ports by the Saudi-led coalition as part of its fight against Houthi rebels creates "humanitarian misery for millions of Yemenis".

Yemen's civil war has been raging since 2015, with the Houthis, a group largely composed of the Zaidi Shia minority, stormed Sanaa and deposed the internationally recognised president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

More than 8,750 people have since been killed.

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