Twitter, Inc.'s 280-Character Limit: A Move in the Right Direction

Twitter Publicizes and Executes Character Limit Expansion

Twitter, Inc.'s 280-Character Limit: A Move in the Right Direction

In early September, Twitter announced it was moving on from its "arbitrary" 140-character limit by doubling the amount of characters a tweet can contain to 280. The idea that Twitter users will automatically keep to 140 characters, when they have a full 280 characters to play with, defeats Twitter's own goal of increasing the character length in the first place.

On its official company blog, Twitter says the change will make it less likely your whole message will have trouble fitting inside the new 280 characters confines of a post. Twitter hopes that the expanded limit will get more people tweeting more, helping its lackluster user growth.

Twitter hopes the longer limit will make its service more approachable for more people.

According to Rosen, the three Asian languages "have always been able to say more" due to the density of their writing systems.

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out new parameters for its more than 300 million users.

"Users will not in the future write on Twitter as if they were Thomas Mann or Theodor W. Adorno", the linguist Peter Schlobinski told epd on Wednesday.

Twitter said its tests with a 280-character limit confirmed that it is possible to address cramming without compromising its platform. However, only 5% of sent tweets were longer than 140 characters.

Only 1% of test users' tweets in English ran into the character limit, compared to 9% previously.

Only 2% of tweets from test users were over 190 characters.

Twitter did not provide information on whether it had seen an increase in harassment on its site, due to the higher character limit. We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they Tweeted more easily and more often.

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