Twitter adds safeguards after Trump account deactivated; report says employee was contractor

People Are Calling a Rogue Twitter Employee Who Deactivated Trump's Account a Hero

Twitter Temporarily Suspends President Trump's Personal Account

President Donald Trump's Twitter account disappeared for a brief moment on Thursday afternoon, but it's back and running, according to the company. But later, with no references to error or accident, the company said that an employee deactivated the account on his or her last day on the job. "Update: We have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again". Adding - perhaps in an attempt to try and head-off questions over the situation - that the platform takes the actions of the employee "seriously" despite not being able to share details of security updates and internal investigations.

Note that the portion of the user supported employee of the social network to remove an account trump, a friend - was on the side of the American President. "Independent researchers have estimated that up to 15 percent of Twitter accounts - or potentially 48 million accounts - are fake or automated", Mr. Warner said. The company is conducting an internal investigation into the deleting of President Trump's account. Some Twitter users blocked by the account have sued in court, demanding access to the account's tweets, which have been deemed official public statements.

NBC News has reached out to the White House to clarify if any protocols surrounding the president's use of Twitter have been changed as the result of the incident. "You could construe the President being unable to access his account as damage under the statute", said Ekeland.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology, said the suspension reflected a need for Twitter to be more transparent about its ability to control accounts but also demonstrated the perils of a head of state relying on digital technology as a primary mode of communication.

While Trump-haters can continue to poke fun at the social media stunt, others are warning that it's not something to celebrate, especially since a New York Times article suggested that the employee responsible was a third-party contractor rather than a full-time employee.

Donald Trump's Twitter account was deactivated briefly on Thursday night by a rogue employee at the social media company.

Trump has tweeted 14 times (so far) since waking up Friday morning with his account fully operational.

Trump, who has almost 42 million Twitter followers, responded to the temporary loss of his account by boasting about his wide reach on the service.

He has used Twitter to attack opponents and promote his policies, both during the 2016 presidential campaign and since taking office in January.

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