RI Family Court holds National Adoption Day event Saturday

Children establish legacies on National Adoption Day

Families make it official on National Adoption Day

Eighteen families adopted 31 children at the Lubbock County Courthouse Friday on National Adoption Day.

The court is hosting its 14th annual Adoption Day event at the Garrahy Judicial Complex to draw attention to the adoption process and the large number of children available for adoption. According to the National Adoption Coalition, about 5,000 children were expected to be adopted nationwide, 150 children in Nebraska. That's somebody who said, "I see something in that little boy that's very special.' "Foxx continued: "And she made sure I had every tool that I needed to grow and expand". All new family traditions and Santa's already brought a couple of toys".

She got her wish four years later, after her brother had been living with her as a foster child for almost a year.

"The kids are getting a fresh start", Ulysses Zuniga said.

More than 70 foster kids are going home with their new families.

"It was important to keep them together", Mary Balzer said. "Some of them might not be biologically related, but they're linked in their hearts and minds". And Anthony wants his kids to always remember one thing.

The Cohn's may not be done, as they look to adopt a little girl in the near future, and caseworkers say they hope more families, like the Holley's and Cohn's, will open their hearts and homes to the almost 4-thousand children and teens in the state waiting patiently to find a forever family.

"I encourage everyone to adopt, you know it's a blessing and you love them the same and you're changing someone's life by giving them a forever family", said Darlys Hernandez, who adopted her forever daughter. "We have created this family and it's just been wonderful, I have goosebumps", said Michele Blodgett.

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