Paytm adds chat feature to its app with Inbox, aims at WhatsApp

Paytm goes after WhatsApp launches Inbox in-app payment and messaging feature

Paytm goes after WhatsApp launches Inbox in-app payment and messaging feature

With WhatsApp gearing itself to its digital payments service in India, Paytm is looking to take on the instant messaging giant with "Paytm Inbox".

Paytm Inbox is a messaging feature wherein consumers can chat and interact simultaneously on the platform.

Paytm is the largest mobile payments app in India.

Paytm, which has the backing of SoftBank and Alibaba among many others, mentioned in the statement that users cannot only carry out financial transactions with their loved ones but could also enjoy a seamless chat experience.

Well, here's the Paytm Inbox as a result.

Numerous competitors have tried their hand to dethrone Paytm from their position as the biggest player in the market, but the Fintech Company has just been too hot to handle.

"Paytm Inbox will let you chat with your friends and family, and send/request money at the same time". You can find the Inbox in the bottom bar of the app, and when you start a new chat, you can see nearly all your friends since a lot of them have used Paytm at least once since the demonetisation. Users can initiate a private conversation as well as create a group chat.

Originally announced in August 2017, Inbox will also let them send texts, photos, videos, live locations and photos (captured through a camera built within the app).

Paytm has also included features like notifications, orders and games.

To get the new Paytm Inbox feature, make sure you update the Paytm app to the latest version on your Android smartphone. We tested this using a second Paytm account with Inbox and it works as expected.

Inbox in Paytm also has the option of recalling messages sent by accident, to ensure that financial dealings are done in a foolproof and flawless way. "Having said that, unlike WhatsApp" seven-minute deadline, there's no deadline in recalling the message in Paytm though. Paytm issued the update, which has interesting features including the debut of a chat feature known as Inbox, on November 2. That said, iOS users have to wait a bit longer for the Paytm Inbox. Once you click on the "New Messages" tab (plus icon), you will see all the mobile numbers of all the persons in your contact list who use the app.

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