Microsoft Plans Multibillion-Dollar Headquarters Renovation

Artist rendering shows the planned redevelopment including the removal of 12 buildings and the construction of 18 new ones along with open spaces and sports fields

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters

Microsoft is planning to overhaul its Redmond (Seattle), Washington campus in a multibillion-dollar operation that will take between five and seven years to complete.

Microsoft will embark on a significant modernization of its global headquarters, with a goal of 18 new buildings by the end of 2024.

All cars will go to an underground parking facility so that the campus remains open for bikes and pedestrians. Our plans include a 2-acre open plaza that will fit up to 12,000 people, running and walking trails, facilities for soccer and cricket, and retail space. Further, Smith told GeekWire that the company does not intend to offload any of its downtown Bellevue space or vacate the offices in Issaquah, where it recently renewed a big lease.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans? Under the plan, the company will tear down 12 of the buildings now used by employees and build 18 new facilities in their place that are expected to be up to twice as tall. Pretty much every employee got their own office, a perk that helped Microsoft attract talent. We'll also continue to fully fund transit options for employees, including ORCA transit cards, carpool and vanpool, and Microsoft-run employee Connector buses and other vehicles to supplement existing options.

The developer of the Spring District, by the way, is Wright Runstad, which back in 1986 built the first six X-shaped buildings that will be replaced as part of this latest renovation. However, with the new buildings, the company plans to take a different approach. Instead, the firm envisions the new campus as a place filled with open spaces and plenty of light. The bridge will also tie into a forthcoming Link Light Rail station set to arrive in 2023.

The company also secured a zoning change past year that allows it to construct some buildings on the east side of its campus up to 10 stories tall, but it said it has no plans for that height now.

"With 500 acres, we can construct a somewhat more urban feel to parts of our campus, while still taking advantage of the nature", he said.

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