Lamborghini Terzo Millennio - a look at the future of supercars

Electric Lamborghini Teaser Better

Terzo Millennio is a self-healing EV concept from Lamborghini and MIT

Moving on from low-voltage supercapacitors, the manufacturer is working with Dinca and his team to close the gap on conventional batteries' energy density, while preserving the high power, symmetrical behavior, and extended lifecycle of existing technology.

Each wheel is powered by an integrated electric motor, making the vehicle all-wheel-drive and infused with torque vectoring right from the get-go.

The Italian automaker is focusing on five elements it believes will underpin sports cars in the future: visionary design, an advanced propulsion system, innovative materials, efficient energy storage and, of course, pure emotion at the wheel.

Automobil Lamborghini has finally put out their announced electric super sports vehicle in their new designconcept "Lamborghini of the Terzo Millennio". According to Lamborghini, what's impossible today will be realizable tomorrow.

"Here we are showing a design and now I am asking the engineers and the students [at MIT] to develop the technology", explained Lamborghini's Mitja Borkert, the lead Terzo Millenio concept auto designer.

While Lamborghini doesn't explicitly say that the concept auto is fully electric, it does imply that thanks to the expertise of two laboratories at MIT, one led by Prof.

One year after inking a partnership deal, Lamborghini and the MIT-Italy Program celebrate the first steps in an ongoing project "that intends to write an important page in the future of super sports cars", Lambo CEO Stefano Domenicali said in a statement. The Terzo Millennio has been stripped to the core of a performance driving machine, with an ultra-lightweight structure, totally optimised for aerodynamic efficiency and allowing for just driver and passenger. Now, the two have revealed the fruit of their collaboration in the form of the Terzo Millennio concept.

The bodywork of the Millennio will utilise Lamborghini's expertise in carbon fibre, which naturally results in significant weight reduction. Electricity is Lamborghini's future as much as it is everyone else's.

Its energy storage capabilities don't end there, though. Lamborghini's latest innovation is "Piloted Driving" - allowing the driver to be taken around a track by a "virtual expert" before taking the wheel to follow a virtual ghost vehicle.

Another Third Millennium concept is development of a self-monitoring and self-healing carbon-fiber body to "detect...damages in its substructure caused by accidents" and begin a "self-repairing process via release of micro-channels filled with healing chemistries" to fix the faulty panel.

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