Google Search now shows estimated salary ranges for online job listings

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This location-based filter will serve as a plus find to locate a job is in your desired city or location. It's easier because the magic of the Internet allows you to search large databases and the magic of word processing allows you to ... Google's attempting to rectify the error by including either stated or estimated salaries based on both the job title and the reported salary range from sites like Glassdoor, PayScale, and LinkedIn. Google is adding a suite of new job search tools, most notably salary info.

People searching for jobs across the US using Google Search will now get estimated salary information right alongside the job posting in which they are interested. And if you're ready to apply, you can choose where you submit your application if there's a choice.

"Salary information has been one of the most requested additions from job seekers", Zakrasek said in a post on Google's Webmaster Central blog November 15.

Jobs without salary information will receive a comparison for the estimated range of that job, said Google. Users just need to click the "Location" filter and select from a range of distances from 2 to 200 miles away, or "anywhere". This means you won't have to fill in your working experience anew each time you apply for a role.

Planned in May, the job search program has successfully tied up with market leaderds such as Monster, Glassdoor, and Facebook with the latest features such as dynamic email alerts, salary info and other details. With a bookmark button alongside each posting, saving is as simple as a single tap.

That's a handy feature, but Google is also rounding out this service with a couple of extra options.

The first feature debuting on the platform grants it an ability to help job seekers check their potential to secure the job. The feature, which will be released in the coming weeks, will put all saved jobs into a separate tab that can be accessed from any device. Google says that it reads every piece of feedback it gets and will continue to add tools to make job searching even easier. Fast forward five months, the company is now doubling down on its efforts to make Google Search a destination in its own right for those seeking work.

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