Escaped psychiatric patient from Hawaii captured in California

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A man who admitted to killing a woman escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii and may be in the Bay Area, authorities said.

Days later, Honolulu police received a tip that Saito was on his way to a brother's home in Stockton, said Honolulu CrimeStoppers Sgt. Chris Kim.

Police say Saito escaped the state psychiatric facility on Oahu, where he had been detained since 1981 after being found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity. Her body was later found in her vehicle at the mall.

He could not confirm that Saito had flown into San Jose International and referred further questions to the Honolulu Police Department, which did not immediately return calls and an email seeking information about his current whereabouts, despite concerns about public safety.

It's not clear under what circumstances Randall Saito was away from the facility in a Honolulu suburb.

He's tried to seek release from the State Hospital for years.

"Randall Saito is a very disturbed, mentally ill individual", said deputy prosecutor Jeff Albert at the time, according to KHON.

Saito is being held at the San Joaquin County jail pending an extradition hearing on sending him back to Hawaii, where he faces a felony escape charge, police said.

The court has repeatedly denied his release from the hospital claiming he suffers from sadism and necrophilia - adding that Saito fits "all the criteria of a serial killer".

The state Department of Health operates the hospital, which houses over 300 patients in Kaneohe.

"It is disturbing that he was given that much freedom", said Irving Tam, who lives near the facility.

"When they do escape, especially someone with this kind of a record, there is a high degree of concern, he could be violent and who knows", Tam said.

He says the hospital will conduct an internal review once Saito is returned to custody and a criminal investigation is complete.

He walked about a mile once he escaped the hospital and called a cab.

Saito was the impetus for a rule change in 2003, when the state attorney general's office decided mental patients committed to Hawaii State Hospital have no legal right to conjugal visits.

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