Duterte formally ends peace talks with Reds

Duterte formally ends peace talks with communists

How Duterte Sabotaged the Philippines Peace Process

In a statement, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said the President signed Proclamation 360 Thursday afternoon, declaring the termination of talks with the National Democratic Front-Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army.

MANILA, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte has formally terminated the government's peace negotiation with the communists, his spokesman announced on Thursday, November 23.

It's about time as well that the NPA show its sincerity to attain the peace that we have all been clamoring for and the peace all Filipinos so deserve.

"He cited alleged recent incidents in the armed conflict which he used as false basis for slandering the revolutionary forces and threatening the termination of the peace negotiations and the outlawing of the revolutionary forces and legal democratic forces as terrorists", he said.

"Joma" Sison would be arrested if he returns to the country, President Duterte said yesterday, as he accused leftist rebels of causing much destruction to the country.

"We have already provided guidance to our units to be vigilant, to stay alert", Padilla said.

On Nov. 22, Duterte said he would also order the arrest for terrorism, members of the communist movement's "legal fronts". Only then, he said, can the peace negotiations resume.

In his rants, Duterte "unwittingly exposed his scarce, shallow and defective knowledge of the peace process", Sison said.

He said the government would continue to "closely watch the developments" to determine if the talks could resume later on.

Catholic and Protestant bishops said the government's decision will only "incite more violence and virtually close the door to the peace talks".

"It is the mandate of the Armed Forces to go after criminals and illegally armed elements, it's part of our mandate".

"Even if you talk for a thousand years, we can never reconcile our values", Duterte said.

Padilla said they recorded 353 crimes allegedly committed by the NPA in Eastern Mindanao and 16 in Central Mindanao from January 1 to November 6, including harassments in military camps and other areas, arson, ambush, kidnapping and robbery.

The drafts include significant reforms pursued by Duterte's administration, including the free distribution of land to tillers.

"Remember that all of them are facing charges before courts and they were just temporarily released for the goal of the peace talks".

The opposition Liberal Party expressed concern over the cancellation of peace talks.

"In spite of the best efforts exerted by the administration, the CPP-NPA-NDFP failed to show its sincerity and commitment in pursuing genuine and meaningful peace negotiations as it engaged in acts of violence and hostilities, endangering the lives and properties of innocent people", the Proclamation read.

"We need to have a continuous dialogue about dealing with the civil unrest".

A lawmaker from a rebel-infested area on Friday proposed the holding of localized peace talks with communist rebels.

Apart from this, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) chief political consultant also slammed the United States (US)-Duterte relationship, which has since cordial after US President Donald Trump took office.

Albano said with regional peace talks, "we will know who we are talking to and put responsibility and accountability to regional commanders and heads".

"The roots of the armed conflict should be addressed and this could be achieved through the negotiations", it added.

The Mayor added that "the pronouncements of the President were only verbal".

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