Colin Kaepernick named GQ 'Citizen of the Year'



Magazine has named its "Men of the Year" Monday morning. He is still, to this day, one of the most gifted quarterbacks on earth.

Kaepernick began kneeling instead of standing during the national anthem last season to protest racial inequality and police brutality.

"It cost him his job".

"But Colin also made it clear to us that he meant to remain silent".

Durant, who earned his first National Basketball Association title after joining the high-powered Golden State Warriors last season and was named MVP of the Finals, is Champion of the Year, while Colbert, who remains outspoken about politics and President Trump, is the magazine's Bad Hombre of the Year. Apart from his perfectly poised coils, Kaepernick also wears a simple black leather jacket and turtle neck that serve as a powerful backdrop for the GQ logo highlighted in unifying colors of red, white and blue. Kaepernick parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers in March and hasn't been signed by another team.

Kaepernick recently filed a grievance against NFL owners, accusing them of colluding to keep him out of the league in retaliation for his outspoken views.

In the article - titled "Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced" - the former football player is compared with legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, whose refusal to be drafted into the US Army's war in Vietnam led to a three-year layoff in his professional career. He linked his inability to find a new club with the protests he displayed a year ago.

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