Bullet train will bypass Gujaratis, says Manmohan

Accept demonetization was a blunder time to rebuild economy Manmohan Singh to PM Narendra Modi

Accept demonetization was a blunder time to rebuild economy Manmohan Singh to PM Narendra Modi

"Bullet train, launched with much fan fare, is an exercise in vanity", said Singh during his address to businessmen, professionals and traders on the current economic situation in Ahmedabad. Does questioning GST & Demonetisation make one a tax evader?

His barb about "low-level rhetoric" was aimed at those in the BJP that react angrily to any criticism of the government's moves. "This requires a frank admission of problems and getting out of a culture of constant self-praise", Dr. Singh said.

Vijay Rupani lashed at Manmohan Singh for his remarks at an event in Ahmedabad.

He said in order to promote a cashless economy, coercive steps like demonetisation are ineffective. "This was organised loot and legalised plunder".

"November 8 was a black day for our economy and indeed our democracy", said Singh.

Replying to Singh's remark that demonetisation was an "organised loot and plunder", Rupani said "organised loot and plunder is what UPA did for 10 years".

He added that no other country in the world has taken such a "drastic" step that got rid, in one fell swoop, of 86 per cent of its currency.

We had to run for Chinese imports at the cost of Indian jobs, he said on what he called the "twin blow" Demonetisation and GST. In the first half of 2016-17, India's imports from China stood at Rs 1.

Refuting Singh's contention that demonetisation has not served any objective, Jaitley said the measure left exposed 18 lakh people as having disproportionate deposits.

"The bullet train project requires the creation of a parallel infrastructure while our existing passenger rail network is languishing and needs a dire infusion of funds to improve both safety and speed", Dr. Singh said, underlining the past year's series of rail accidents claiming the highest number of deaths in a decade.

In contrast, Singh said of his time in power, "I can proudly say that we lifted 140 million people out of poverty".

On the day former prime minister Manmohan Singh attacked the Centre on the state of the economy, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani took him on on Twitter, accusing the Congress leaders of having an "anti-Gujarat mindset" and alleging that he was the "PM of the most corrupt government in India's history".

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