Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla targeting January return after leg amputation risk

The 32-year-old has not played for Arsenal since injuring his achilles in October last year

The 32-year-old has not played for Arsenal since injuring his achilles in October last year

Quite incredibly, Cazorla is targeting his comeback to the Arsenal team at the beginning of the new year, with Arsene Wenger stating that he is in his plans for the second half of the season.

The 32-year-old Spain forward has not played for over a year and he was once told by a doctor that he would be lucky to walk again after repeated problems in his ankle.

The Arsenal midfielder hasn't played a match in over a year, and almost had his foot amputated after he suffered from gangrene and a blood infection.

"'I said: 'Play with my son?' I don't have any football to play?' I'd never given it that much importance [to be able to play football again]".

"He saw that I had a tremendous infection, that I had damaged part of the bone and damaged the Achilles tendon", added Cazorla.

He spoke to Marca's Lorena Gonzalez and explained how his career nearly came to an end: "If you get to walk again with your son in the garden, be satisfied, they told me".

Sanchez discovered "three more aggressive bacteria" during the surgery, the cause of the infection, and while Cazorla was successfully treated with antibiotics, his foot was at risk of being amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene up his leg.

Marca also included the picture of his foot on their front page.

"The doctor saw I had this frightful infection that had damaged part of my heel bone and eaten away eight centimetres of my Achilles", he added.

"I was still playing, and they said it was alright".

A Euro 2008 and 2012 victor with Spain, Cazorla says Arsenal and his former Spain national teammates have been very supportive.

"No one placed their trust in me but I did and I continue to do so, even though the pain makes me wary", he said. "Each day I get a message from [Barcelona's Andres] Iniesta, [Manchester City's David] Silva and [New York FC's David] Villa".

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