Trump claims Obama, other former presidents didn't call families of fallen soldiers

President Trump with Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell in the Rose Garden

President Trump with Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell in the Rose Garden

Trump said in a news conference he had written letters to the families of four soldiers killed in an October 4 ambush in Niger and planned to call them, crediting himself with taking extra steps in honoring the dead properly.

On Monday, Mr. Trump said he had written letters to the families of the soldiers over the weekend, which would be mailed later in the day or on Tuesday. "Now, it gets to a point where you make four or five of them in one day, it's a very, very tough day".

But Trump would not let it lie, claiming again with zero evidence that other presidents did not call.

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed that former President Barack Obama and other past presidents did not call the families of soldiers after they died in combat, which has been denied by former aides of presidents. On Instagram, Souza posted a photo of the Obamas meeting with the parents of a fallen Army sergeant. So, generally I would say I would like to call.

"If you look at President Obama and other presidents, a lot of them didn't make calls". The Gateway Pundit, a conservative outlet which has its own White House press credentials, wrote in 2012 that Obama had sent the same form letter to all fallen soldiers' families, signed with auto-pen. I want a little time to pass.

Former White House communications director and Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer slammed Trump as "a deeply disturbed ignoramus who is a pathological liar", while former Obama deputy chief of staff for operations Alyssa Mastromonaco called Trump a "deranged animal".

The Pentagon has not provided a detailed accounting of the ambush by 50 ISIS affiliated fighters which left four United States soldiers dead and two wounded and has said the incident remains under investigation.

The White House released its analysis of the GOP tax reform plan Monday, touting corporate cuts that administration officials estimate would eventually increase the average household income by $4,000 per year. "This President, like his predecessors, has done each of these". I'm going to be calling them.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has weighed in to say that "overall benefits of lower corporate taxes tilt heavily toward those with higher incomes", Reuters reports. He said it's possible that Obama "did sometimes" but "other presidents did not call". "I do a combination of both".

"I don't know if he did".

"Republicans were quick to accuse the Obama administration of crafting a faulty political narrative in the aftermath of Benghazi", wrote Sophia Tesfaye in Salon, referring to the deadly attacks on US facilities in the Libyan city September 2012. "And some presidents didn't do anything", he said.

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