Russell Wilson throws for less than 200 yards in Seahawks' win

Seahawks-Rams showdown will set tone for NFC West

Seahawks-Rams showdown will set tone for NFC West

This has them sitting on top of the NFC West division with the favorites Seattle sitting back on equal second with the Arizona Cardinals and a 2-2 record. One common narrative perpetrated by the media has been, what's wrong with the Seahawks? On the other side of the ball, the Rams offensive line will need to win the battle against the tough Seattle defensive front. But for now, let's take a look at some of the factors that played into Sunday's loss to the Seahawks by discussing five takeaways for the Rams. But some fans and members of the media haven't been paying attention to recent Seahawks history. Not only has it taken time for Wilson most years to find his rhythm, but he's also notorious for being a slow starter during games. Jimmy Graham contributed 61 yards while Doug Baldwin added 35 yards.

The 2013 Seahawks were different for many reasons. The play was blocked well, and Austin used his speed to get into the end zone for the first points of the game. Last season, Clark had ten sacks.

It's hard to blame the coach when the players turn the ball over five times and lose a game that appeared to be very winnable. They have won their last two ballgames.

The Seahawks again failed to get much of a running game going.

This is the kind of game that can flip the script on a season for either team. He had two against the Seahawks, for 7 yards. The fumble and ensuing touchback prevented the Rams from creating a one-score game with just under six minutes left against a sputtering Seahawk offense.

Even so, the Rams had two shots from the Seattle 20-yard line inside the final 20 seconds for the game-tying touchdown. It helped set Kupp free on a post route near the end zone, and Goff delivered a tight, accurate throw that could've given his Los Angeles Rams a big division win.

This Seahawks team seems different due to their defensive struggles, but these struggles can be attributed to the offense. The sparkplug scored two long touchdowns against the Colts last week.

Since 2010, the Seahawks are 8-6 against the Rams. The defense is spending the majority of the game on the field, which is causing defenders to tire late in games. We were all expecting the Rams to come and face some struggles early on.

Those are the types of questions that get asked when a team on a hot streak suddenly lays an egg in a big game against a divisional opponent.

" We thought we had a really good play on them, and they made a great play", Wilson said. If they can keep the defense from getting exhausted out by the Seahawks' fast paced style, they should have a very good chance of winning. The Seahawks defense has had early season issues containing running backs like Carlos Hyde and DeMarco Murray.

BIG MISS: The Rams' Greg Zuerlein was flawless on field goals this season until missing a 36-yarder in the second half.

Throw in that superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald is leading the way for a defense run by the sneaky-legendary Wade Phillips and you just might have the ingredients required for a surprise playoff berth. The Seahawks' last win in the Coliseum is September 11, 1994, 38-9 over the Raiders. They've done it before; they should have the benefit of the doubt. It will be fascinating to see how Goff responds if Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard comes after him with more blitzes to try and rattle the young QB and force him to get rid of the ball prematurely.

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