Razer might announce its smartphone for hardcore gamers on November 1

Razer teases it's “biggest unveiling” coming November 1st

Razer Unveiling Its First Smartphone On 1 November

- Razer handout pic via AFP-RelaxnewsSAN FRANCISCO, Oct 12 - Gaming PC and peripherals specialist Razer has a major announcement to make November 1, 2017. As to be expected, this led to rumours that Razer was planning to release a smartphone of its own and sure enough, CEO Min-Liang Tan appears to be confirming that now.

A glimpse of the project was teased on Senior VP/GM of Mobile at Razer Tom Moss's Twitter page, as we reported before.

Razer is relatively unknown outside the gaming community, but the launch of a smartphone could help the company in creating new fans.

Razer could be developing a high-end smartphone catering to gamers.

It also posted a similar tweet, with a link re-directing users to the company's website.

Along with all the assets of Nextbit, Razer also brought its core management and employees.

A hefty helping of RAM helps a ton when it comes to powering games, but it's by no means the only factor in getting graphically intensive games to run smoothly. Notably, Razer had earlier launched the Razer Edge tablet for gamers.

Razer Lancehead, a mouse gaming versatile and effective?

We aren't exactly sure how a smartphone is made for hardcore gamers, but it's Razer, so we're assuming rainbow colored LEDs with strobe effects and hardware that can withstand hours of Gamma Lab sweat being poured all over it.

While the rumor mill has been very clear on what Razer's announcing and when to expect it, we haven't heard many details about the phone's specs.

The Robin, although it didn't set cash counters ticking for Nextbit, was a promising device nonetheless. The Robin was able to automatically move photos and unused apps off your phone and into cloud storage whenever you were running out of capacity on the device.

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