Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon 636 Chipset for mid-range smartphones

Above Qualcomm 5GImage Credit Qualcomm

Above Qualcomm 5GImage Credit Qualcomm

Additionally, Qualcomm announced its first 5G smartphone reference design, which it will use to test 5G technology before commercial versions of the handsets are released in the first half of 2019.

It features the Snapdragon X12 4G LTE modem permitting peak download speeds of 600Mbps.

We first saw the 5G design in use in an Australian Hotspot run by local carrier Telstra alongside Netgear and Ericsson, but the X16 modem was, at that stage, far too big for a phone.

We're talking the same masses that are now barely able to hit average 4G download speeds of around 15 Mbps stateside, according to OpenSignal's latest global "State of LTE" report. Furthermore, the new chipset supports Assertive Display.

With the new Snapdragon 636 Chipset, you should get good enough processing speed on your smartphone.

Qualcomm said it had made the first 5G connection on a mobile device using the X50.

But there are also plans to make use of the now unused 28GHz and 39GHz millimetre wave spectrum bands, which are found in the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared waves. The design even features an edge-to-edge screen much like the latest Samsung models, among other brands.

Basically, the aim of introducing this new chipset is to bring the ultra-wide displays to mid-range smartphones. "We believe our unique expertise and capabilities are well aligned in the commercialization of 5G by delivering the next generation of high performance mobile broadband and IoT solutions". "In our opinion, this is nearly like a second CDMA moment for us", where a lot of people didn't believe CDMA was viable at all back in the '90s and Qualcomm not only proved it was viable but it also turned out to be pretty popular. However, expecting the chipset to offer a better camera and LTE performance would be an injustice to it. Qualcomm has not revealed the names of the chipset buyers, however, it has disclosed that the 636 will be shipped to smartphone manufacturers in November 2017.

As said earlier, Qualcomm was the first company to announce a 5G modem chipset earlier this year, and the ability to progress from a product announcement to functional silicon in twelve months is a great achievement from the company.

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