No gearbox penalty for Sebastian Vettel in Japan

Hamilton stormed to his fourth consecutive Malaysian Grand Prix pole position on Saturday

Hamilton stormed to his fourth consecutive Malaysian Grand Prix pole position on Saturday

Employing some serious manager-speak, Marchionne promised Ferrari would be "making some organisational changes" after insisting both red cars could have won in Malaysia.

Arguably the third fastest vehicle in Singapore and again in Malaysia, Wolff reckons the Japanese GP result is by no means set in stone.

His efforts in Malaysia come after he had rivals Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas cracking up after "letting rip" in a press conference after the Singapore Grand Prix.

"For me, the goal is to continue to win races even if I don't have to win another grand prix through the rest of the year".

"They'll have numbers and I'll still challenge it even if it's a ideal result because the flawless number doesn't always necessarily feel the greatest on track".

The race was a great send off.

If Hamilton can keep his consistency up, the Brit can equal Raikkonen's record at the second grand prix of next season, set to be the Bahrain Grand Prix, and he can snatch the Finn's record at the following race in China.

Come on, y'all. This was the ideal opportunity to Ricky Bobby this thing, and nobody took off running. Is that going to be enough to be first or second or fourth?

"Even if I had closed the door and held Verstappen back on that lap, he would have got me on another", Hamilton said. "I am really happy with my performance, how I executed the race", he added. This is the first time in the hybrid era. That's a massive pat on the back of Adrian Newey, Rob Marshall, Paul Monaghan and all the people in Milton Keynes involved on the chassis side and also the people from the Viry-Chatillon Renault side.

"We'll probably make a decision by the end of the day - we've got another meeting at the end of the day, so probably by [tonight] we will have decided". The Dutch TV guys went absolutely insane. Somebody sent me some tweets of the various people celebrating across the Netherlands where it's huge news. With Vettel in a similar situation this season, the Ferrari driver will be praying for a repeat of that grand prix five years on. I was so glad to see him win one on merit.

Let's talk about Ferrari because this was the weekend it all went away from them completely.

Mercedes are also optimistic their auto will be more suited to the conditions at Suzuka, where both the cooler weather and track layout should be more favourable for the W08. "We need to understand our performance and how we extract the maximum from this vehicle and carry this advantage to the end of the season".

Daniel Ricciardo has continued his cheeky press conference antics, this time taking aim at teammate Max Verstappen. Just when it seemed Ferrari had no feet left in which to shoot itself, it found one. In Singapore they massively hurt their World Championship chances. Well, you get them to learn the art of Kendo.

For Mercedes, this was an interesting weekend. Talking to people up and down the paddock, different engineers, Pirelli, and nobody is able to give a clear answer to why Mercedes was not competitive.

And Ferrari's mechanics can at least breathe a sigh of relief knowing they do not need to unpack a fresh gearbox in Suzuka. "Now we just have to bring it to the track".

Hamilton knows his 34-point lead is somewhat illusory, given that the luck has gone Mercedes' way "on two circuits where we shouldn't have had those results". On the Sunday the vehicle comes alive, when the track is fully rubbered up.

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