Nintendo re-releases Super Nintendo with 21 retro games

A mini NES Classic Edition console

A mini NES Classic Edition console

The SNES Classic Edition released roughly 24 hours ago and, as expected, Nintendo seems to have another hit on its hands.

Speaking of older consoles, Nintendo announces that it will slowly close down the Wii Shop with the final curtain falling January 30, 2019. In June, it was reported that Nintendo was doubling their stock of the SNES Classic; in July, an apparent string of pre-order cancellations caused a great deal of confusion for people trying to buy the console.

The SNES Classic caps off a strong year for Nintendo.

Unlike modern gaming systems, the mini-consoles don't connect to the internet and therefore, players can't download - and spend money on - new games over time.

So let's say you've managed to get your hands on one of the highly coveted new SNES Classic Mini systems.

"I was going to EB games and it was just after 10, and someone was coming out of the store, and they told three people approaching the store they were already sold out" said Darrell Parisian, one of many who went home empty-handed. It comes with two controllers instead of just one, and they have longer cords now, thank heavens. If you are more interested in the games than the trappings, then take a close look at the list of games.

And even if you scoff and say, "Well, your rental store was awful, because I've played them all!", Nintendo has a surprise for you. As previously stated, Star Fox 2 has never been released before. And each game has four "suspend" points, allowing players to save a game midlevel - unlike in the original system, which forced you to rush to finish a level because your mother was calling you to dinner. Another noticeable design difference is that the Classic doesn't have a cartridge slot because, well, you don't need cartridges to play these days.

We already know that some NES games will be available on the Switch once the full version of their online service launches sometime in 2018. I had a Super Mario shirt on. It quickly sold out while becoming one of the hottest holiday gifts.

Earlier this year, there were concerns that Nintendo has learned nothing from the launch of the NES Classic, which was a highly sought-after console with not anywhere close to enough units available for consumers.

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