Metal Gear Survive Release Date Announced

Konami teases Metal Gear Survive announcement for tomorrow

Metal Gear Survive Begins the Post-Kojima Era in February

Metal Gear Survive will be released in North America on February 20, 2018 for the Xbox and PS4, Konami confirmed on Wednesday. However, gamers from the United Kingdom and European Union will get it two days later on February 22. The pre-order bonuses include gold-skinned version of four melee weapons-a baseball bat, sledgehammer, machete, and spear-and scarves in four colors. Metal Gear Survive was originally scheduled to already be out by now, but it was pushed back to sometime in early 2018.

Initially, the game was scheduled to release in 2017, but at E3, Konami revealed that the release had been postponed to 2018 as more time was needed to flawless the game.

With considering the many changes coming to the game and the devotion that plenty of players had to Kojima as he worked on the games, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to imagine that the new Metal Gear game is being met with some resistance. The following is a list of the best moments when creators clearly trolled their fan bases all for the sole goal of pulling a fast one on us. The game has a singleplayer campaign but the hook will be in four player co-op, where you venture out with a group of buddies, take down some massive nasty, and scurry home with the loot to build a military grade toilet or something.

Konami never had second thoughts about launching the spin-off version of the game. By choosing to make a side-entry with a completely daft story, Konami both avoids treading on Kojima's characters and universe and gave itself more time to decide where "proper" Metal Gear is going.

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