Google launches Google Home Min and Max

The Google Home app confirms the Google Home Mini before tomorrow's launch

Walmart Jumps Gun on Google Home Mini

While that may seem like a lot, there's no denying that the Google Home sounds like a toy compared to the newly announced product and it's not like the original model wasn't touted as one of the best speakers in its price range past year, so Google most certainly outdid itself this time around. It has a touch bar on the top for controlling volume.

The Google Home Mini will be on sale in the United Kingdom and U.S. from 19 October, but you can pre-order it from the Google Store now.

Google has revealed the Home Max, a new high-end speaker and smart home hub which uses machine learning to automatically retune itself to sound its best, wherever you put it.

We should have in mind that Google Home already had phone call functionality.

The company claims it doesn't matter if the Home Max is placed on a shelf in the corner of a room, where audio can often sound too bass-heavy and muffled.

Both the devices are part of the Google Home product portfolio thus featuring Google Assistant support and will have all the features and functionalities that was featured in the earlier Google Home speaker. For now, the majority of Google's revenue comes from advertising, but that could change as its parent company introduces hardware devices that require services to run. Furthermore, it can connect with Chromecast audio devices. The Home Max also has a 3.5mm aux jack and a USB-C port aside from Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

As this is going to be the Best Buy ad, it is not quite clear whether Google will be offering a similar bundle, though it had given out free Daydream View VR headsets to those who had pre-ordered the Pixel smartphones previous year. Google Pixel Buds Google Pixel Buds are the search giant's first ever wireless earphones.

The new wireless earphones also support real-time Google translation tech in 40 languages. It'll be read aloud in the Google Assistant voice instead of your own voice, so it's not simply broadcasting a simple voice message. They come in a pocket-sized charging case, which also charges the earphones.

The Home Max will roll out to other territories including the United Kingdom next year. "You can set the camera down on the coffee table when the kids are goofing around or clip it to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favourite toy", says Google. The app is available on iOS and Android. One thing's for sure: we'll find out very soon.

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