You can't view YouTube videos through the Amazon Echo Show


AmazonFor the past couple of months it's been hard to find Amazon's Fire HD 10 tablet in stock and now we know why

Alexa is also available for Amazon Music listeners on Echo devices, plus Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition, and Fire tablets. Then Amazon can really start squeezing cash out of you with future update and new devices, plus rope you into Prime that beckons you to buy more from Amazon since shipping is quick and free.

Amazon made the announcement on Tuesday, noting it doesn't know why Google chose to stop supporting the device. Unlike the Google Home's feature, which used Google Voice (and thus, actual phone numbers), Amazon's solution required calling through the Alexa app or an Echo speaker. The Alphabet-owned firm later dismissed that sentiment and claimed that the manner in which Amazon integrated YouTube into the Echo Show is a violation of its terms of service, without clarifying on the matter. They say that they hope to "reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon".

Google has been known to be very particular about YouTube implementation by third-parties. This was first noticed by The Verge, which received a statement from Amazon confirming that Google was the one to pull the plug.

Amazon ain't happy about this, and said in a statement given to Reuters that it was "disappointed" with Google's decision. YouTube is the biggest online video site, so its removal from the Echo Show will make it harder for users to watch most kinds of videos on the device.

Amazon's stock price is up 1.34% at $951.22 on Wednesday, with a portion of those gains coming after the company announced several new hardware products at a launch event.

Alexa is now available by updating the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android.

According to the company, it is really easy to use Alexa in Amazon Music app.

Amazon's new Echo Plus is designed as an all-in-one system, functioning as both a smart speaker and a smart home hub. And that it was Amazon, not Google, that never warned customers. This new accessory from Amazon connects the Echo devices to the landline phones.

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