Twitter Increases Character Count to 280 characters


The same Tweet in different languages. Source

But in a tweet that offered a glimpse of what is to come, co-founder Jack Dorsey announced that the service plans to experiment with doubling that cap.

One of the first people to tweet using the 280 characters was Dorsey who prefaced the news with "this is a small change, but a big move for us". The current character limit is 140 characters.

This comes after many people over the years have complained over the limited characters they have to tweet.

After much speculation and hesitation, Twitter is now testing an increase to its renowned 140-character limit.

When they are not limited to140 characters, more people tweet, Rosen and Ihara noted.

The company says it wants to relieve the pain of "cramming" - trying to squish your ideas into a single tweet, a process that can involve the painstaking rewriting of a tweet with increasingly fewer vowels.

Twitter's defining feature has always been brevity: 140 characters was all you got.

Twitter research shows that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English, but it is not for those tweeting in Japanese. That being said, the users can enable Twitter's 280 characters limit.

Twitter, which is now 11-years old and boasts 328 million users worldwide, has been struggling to find ways to attract more users for some time. Sarcastic Tweets and memes are not uncommon in Twitter with regards to the changes. "It doesn't seem like it", tweeted one user.

"The more they expand, the more they start looking like Facebook", Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle said of Twitter. "Today we had everyone in the company join an @TwitterSafety all hands". Rosen says in the blog post that it hopes to collect data and gather feedback about the test before it finally rolls out the 280-character limit on a wider scale.

It is also worth mentioning that using these scripts to enable Twitter's 280 characters limit is at your own risk. This can detract from Twitter's core identity as a venue for succinct posts. A notable and prolific tweeter is none other than US President Donald Trump.

This week, the news broke that tweets are likely getting longer.

"The latest trend towards consecutive tweets indicates that many topics simply don't fit 140 characters", he told TechNewsWorld.

TANYA CHEN: There were even some pretty dark jokes about how this just allows Twitter trolls to send you even longer and more specific death threats. Here's a tweet in 280 characters.

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