'Shouting Allah': Soldier Attacked by Knife-Wielding Assailant in Paris



A man armed with a knife attacked a soldier from the Sentinel operation patrolling the Châtelet metro station in Paris. No injuries were reported. Just last month on August 9th, Hamou Bachir attacked six soldiers on the streets of Paris by ramming them with his vehicle before being apprehended and arrested.

The person reportedly attacked the soldier with a knife.

The man was taken to the main Chatelet police station, and now faces multiple terror charges.

Defence minister Florence Parly said on Europe-1 radio that the attack confirms government strategy to make the force "more unpredictable. for potential attackers".

The attack on Friday came a day after the government announced changes to the task force, which has been targeted in the past. It will shift greater focus toward temporary and seasonal events, but patrols around major tourist sites, places of worship, train stations and airports will still remain.

Later on Friday, the Paris prosecutor's office said that counterterrorism investigators opened a probe into the incident, based on preliminary examination of the attacker's background and the method and target of the attack.

The soldier was unhurt in the incident. Also in August, seven soldiers were left seriously injured when a BMW drove into them deliberately.

Two women were injured on Friday by an attacker wielding a hammer and shouting Allahu Akbar in the eastern French town of Chalon-sur-Saone in Burgundy, local officials said.

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