Jennifer Lawrence Wore An Upside-Down Flower Crown And Looked Divine

An unsteady hand-held camera follows Jennifer Lawrence and close-ups show her character's mounting unease in Darren

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Is Becoming Less Interested In Motherhood The Older She Gets

"It actually took a long time to heal but emotionally I was better as soon as we finished that scene and we could just go home and drink wine", she added. "I don't know, start making pots?" She works out for her muscles and curves.

But despite the age gap, the "Hunger Games" star has nothing but kind words to say about her director and partner. When Lawrence first read the script to "Mother!" in a New York City hotel, she found it so upsetting that she threw the script across her room, calling the writer and director Darren Aronofsky "crazy".

Jennifer Lawrence has admitted becoming a mother and having a family isn't the top of her priority list anymore.

"I'm taking one [a break]". The "possession" of young widowed mother Amelia in recent hit The Babadook tears at a particularly crucial bond, as her son Samuel is forced to fend for himself against a mother unravelling due to the stresses of parenthood.

Rather than use heavy weights, though, Horrigan told Teen Vogue he used "bodyweight squats, pushups and sit-ups all performed in a circuit..."

Insufferably self-impressed writer/director Darren Aronofsky's previous effort was the infuriating Biblical rethink Noah three years ago, and this follow-up is smaller in scale than that pseudo-Disaster-Movie.

Lawrence, 27, and Aronofsky, 48, surprised many when they posed together during the event, as they hadn't walked as a couple during the other red carpet events surrounding the controversial new movie. You rarely get to see the actors interacting, and I found this very annoying. In "Mother!" Lawrence has the title role of the wife of a poet with a bad case of writer's block known only as "him" and played by Javier Bardem. "I have always wanted to work with him". She'll also appear as Mystique at least one more time for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

She said: "Playing this character was totally outside my comfort zone". It's been a while so I wasn't so sure where she was at.

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