It's dearth of jobs that created leaders like Modi and Trump: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi to address public meeting in New York tomorrow

Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi: 'Ashamed to see him, sitting in US, describing dynasty culture an Indian phenomenon'

Jaitley's comments came a week after Rahul, while addressing students at the University of California in Berkeley had defended dynasty politics, saying that was how India was running, and also said he was "absolutely ready" to be the party's prime ministerial candidate for the 2019 General Elections. I feel medium and small companies should be targeted.

"The central challenge in India is the politics of polarisation, where you pit one community against the other and you create spaces for other people to come in.that's where the real danger is". "They were angry with us because we could not deliver on our promises, and they will get angry again", he was quoted as saying.

The Gandhi scion said that 30,000 youth were entering the job market everyday in India but only 450 jobs were being created. While improving the ties with the U.S, the Congress has always ensured that India's relationships with other countries - he named China, Russia and Iran - were also maintained.

"I was ashamed to see Rahul Gandhi, sitting in America, describing the dynasty culture an Indian phenomenon (Mujhe sharam aayi jab Amreeka mein baith ke kaha gaya ki parivarvaad is desh ke svabhaav mein hai)", Jaitley said in New Delhi. They are feeling pain.

"That is something that is being challenged to me and everything is placed on that structure of harmony - whether it's education, health care, growth, jobs", he said.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said that the "politics of polarisation" was a "central challenge" in India and sections of the society, including the minority communities and tribals, do not feel part of the BJP's vision.

Rahul also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make-in-India programme instead of targetting large business should concentrate on promoting small businesses. In the 21st century, if you leave people out of this vision, you are asking for trouble. "Right now, nobody is willing to accept it", Mr. Gandhi said, adding that the PM was trying to deflect attention from the core question of jobs. How these two countries do will fundamentally reshape the world.

"Does India have a similar vision?"

Asked about the Congress's Policy Planning group's visit to Kashmir, Deputy Chief Minister said that as far as the democracy of the country is concerned, everybody has right to meet people.

"If we alienate our own people, that opens up space for people to do mischief". He added that they have done quite a lot of work in the political space, but a lot more needs to be done. India and China are two huge countries that are transforming from agricultural countries to urban modern model countries... The central question is resolving that problem.

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