India attack kills six Pakistanis in Kashmir

Eenam Gambhir

Eenam Gambhir

"No human rights organisations were being allowed access to Kashmir, as India wants to hide its shameless acts of sheer barbarism against the oppressed Kashmiris", Asif added. "His (the envoy's) mandate should flow from the longstanding but unimplemented resolutions of the Security Council", he added.

"India has responded with massive and indiscriminate force to suppress the Kashmiris, shooting indiscriminately at children, women and youth", he said. They are on a slippery slope in bilateral relations with the United States, with the Trump administration seeing eye-to-eye with India on cross-border terrorism perpetrated by Pakistan and agreeing with its long, nefarious history of launching and funding disruptive organizations in India.

Identifying Kashmir as the core issue with its eastern neighbour, Abbasi exuded confidence that the resolution will help address the contentious issue. All countries have the right to trade with each other, invest in other countries.

"[Root causes] are not only poverty and ignorance, terrorism is even more an extreme response to real or perceived political and other grievances, including foreign intervention, oppression and injustice", the Pakistani leader told world leaders.

For the second year in a row, Pakistan foolishly, futilely tried to rake up the issue of Kashmir, self-determination for the people of Kashmir, lied about India being the troublemaker with cross-border incursions at the United Nations General Assembly. "Pakistan is now Terroristan with a flourishing industry producing and exporting global terrorism".

Lu said Kashmir is an issue left from history and both India and Pakistan should handle it properly to safeguard regional peace and stability.

"We are not prepared to be anyone's scapegoat". We respect Afghan sovereignty, they should respect our sovereignty. He also stated that Pakistan has developed short-range nuclear missiles and is ready to counter the Indian Army. Pence said that the United States valued its relationship with Pakistan, which has been a long-term ally in the region.

Earlier in the month, Pakistan-based terror groups, LeT and the JeM were mentioned in the Summit declaration of the BRICS countries of which China is also a member.

Kabul says Islamabad supports the Islamist Taliban and its partner, the dreaded Haqqani network, in a bid to influence Afghan affairs to counter India's growing role in the war-shattered country.

Premier Abbasi said Pakistan believed urgent and realistic goals in Afghanistan should include concerted action to eliminate the presence in Afghanistan of Da'ish, al Qaeda and their affiliates, including the TTP and Jamaatul Ahrar, which was recently declared a terrorist organisation by the Security Council.

"The objective is the same: to fight terror and bring peace to Afghanistan". However, the two countries have been working to enhance security in the region.

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