How to Update Your iPhone to iOS 11

The new function has irritated users who want Wi Fi and Bluetooth switched off. Source Getty Images

The new function has irritated users who want Wi Fi and Bluetooth switched off. Source Getty Images

It's been possible to record your screen on iOS for some time, using a computer via a cable, but iOS 11 has built screen recording into the software itself.

Toggling off Wi-Fi in Control Center now disconnects the device from the network it's connected to, but leaves auto-connect on.

Some features and apps also have to do a similar process themselves. iOS 11 needs to go through and find Live Photos in your library, for instance, because the new software has entirely new ways of dealing with them.

Wi-Fi returns when a user walks or drives to a new location and a new network is identified. With just a few clicks in the device's control settings, users are able to record whatever is happening on their screen simply by swiping from the bottom and tapping the record button.

Arguably the coolest addition to iOS 11 is the ability to actually make the operating system's Control Center app really, really useful. Check out Business Insider's round-up of hidden features in iOS 11. This version comes with some changes including Control Center, Apple Pay and many more.

The iPhone Control Centre has been redesigned in iOS 11 to allowing for customized controls.

Apple has built in services to use with the WiFi and Bluetooth on the iOS 11 devices. The company says both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to work after their toggles are moved to the off position so that you can use certain features, such as the file-transferring AirDrop, the Apple pencil and Watch, Handoff, Instant Hotspots, and Location Services. Modern Apple devices aren't affected by this bug, but the point stands - leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ambiently enabled is a potential attack vector unless Apple has taken specific steps to guard against it. Here you can do edit or doodle on the screen itself before sharing via email, message or any other app.

Despite this, fans are holding out for the new iPhone X set to be the tech giants most premium phone to date, retailing at a record £999, just £50 more than the highest specification iPhone 8 Plus.

Like it or not, Apple has chose to keep your iPhone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for quite a lot of "important features" even after you swipe up from the bottom of the display and toggle off the two connectivity options' respective buttons.

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