Fortnite unofficially has cross-play across PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Fortnite quietly enables PS4 and Xbox One cross-platform play – report

Xbox One/Playstation 4 cross-platform play pops up in Fortnite

PROOF of cross platform play between XB1 and PS4!

This is particularly interesting because Epic Games has not announced the move prior, but also because it would be the first modern game to allow cross-platform play across Sony and Microsoft's platforms.

Over e-mail, a representative from Epic Games confirmed to Kotaku that, "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected".

Despite the fact that the implementation of cross-play has proved to be accidental, this is just one more piece of evidence that it's easily feasible.

The gamer, who goes under the name PRE_-CISION-_ told Kotaku: "I noticed the gamer tag of this dude had a space in it, which was freaky".

The PS4 version of Fornite, with an Xbox One gamertag (Jesus Did That) visible.

As discovered by a bunch of users over on Reddit, apparently Fortnite has the ability to link PS4 and Xbox One users together online. What's more is that the Reddit user switched to his Xbox One to look up zCypher Nine on Xbox's network, only to find that he/she did indeed exist there. However, one game has already managed to enable cross-play between the two platforms.

Further driving things home, another Reddit user, PyroBlack76, posted a photo of himself playing in the same match with his kid between Xbox One and PS4.

That's unwelcome news for PS4 players who want to game with their friends on Xbox.

There are also reports of PlayStation 4 players being matched with PC users, although it is unclear if this is meant to be a planned feature or another "configuration error".

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