Apple TV's 4K video comes with a big catch

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The Good and Bad in Apple TV 4K: Everything You Need to Know

Apple has made it clear in the latest support document that Apple TV users will not be able to download 4k content.

While some users might not be put off by the restrictions, most Apple fans will likely be disappointed by the next bit of bad news: the Apple TV 4K can't play YouTube's 4K videos. "Apple told me that the lack of Atmos isn't a hardware limitation, and that support is on the roadmap", he added. Apple TV 4K supports HDR, too. Apple says it will be coming in a future update to tvOS (via The Verge). Later this year, Apple plans to include Amazon Prime Video on its set-top box, and it will support 4K content from that service as well. Numerous streaming services, including Netflix and Amazon, have a library of 4K content that pops nicely with the Apple TV 4K.

HD videos feature a higher-quality picture than SD videos. One more thing to note here is that a "premium subscription" is required if you're willing to stream HDR content. The upgraded streaming box comes with CPU with performance twice as fast and graphics four times faster.

The Apple TV's remote has been a source of debate, with some people saying its Siri integration and few buttons is fantastic, and others saying it's seriously flawed.

The Apple TV 4K fits right into your Apple ecosystem. Now, you'll have 48 hours to finish watching your rental.

The Apple TV app, one of the default apps included on iPhones and iPads, also syncs with the Apple TV 4K so that you can pick up a show on your mobile device at the same point where you stopped watching it on your television. Your other Apple devices will play the higher-quality version if they're compatible.

The 4K HDR 32GB variant ($229) is a great option only if you have the display to go with it, otherwise the fourth-generation non-4K model ($199) will suffice-the price difference only being about $30.

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