ACID ATTACK HORROR: Four Americans injured in attack at train station

BREAKING: Four tourists have 'acid thrown in their faces' outside train station

ACID ATTACK HORROR: Four Americans injured in attack at train station

Four female USA tourists were injured on Sunday in an acid attack at a train station in the city of Marseille, France, the Associated Press reports.

One of the two women was suffering from partial loss of vision.

The attack happened at about 11 the Saint Charles train station.

Fourteen firefighters arrived to the station four emergency vehicles after the incident at 11am. He said the USA consulate in Marseille is in contact with investigators.

The perpetrator was described as "imbalanced", and rather than running away after the attack, she showed pictures of herself with burns.

In late August, the southern French port city of Marseille made global headlines when a van rammed into multiple bus stops, killing one person, in an act that authorities determined not to be terrorism. Officials did not believe it was a terrorist act.

French authorities arrested a 41-year-old woman in the attack, according to the Marseille's prosecutor's office. The teen struck the teacher's shoulder and fled before police came.

The public prosecutor's office said the attacker "did not target anyone in particular".

Police state that there is no evidence that the attack was terror-related. More than 1,800 attacks have been reported since 2010, with 458 of them taking place past year, according to BBC.

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