30000 evacuated after Ukrainian ammunition depot explodes

Munitions factory explosion in Ukraine

TWITTER BLAST Explosions have rung out and mass evacuations are taking place

An ammunition depot in Ukraine's Vinnytsia region detonated late Tuesday causing huge explosions as Uragan, Smerch and Grad multiple rocket launchers were stockpiled there among other munitions.

"According to preliminary information, one person was injured".

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman called for a thorough investigation into the incident, as he assured the public that the blaze had been brought under control.

Initial reports mentioned no fatalities and only two minor injuries from the raging explosions of heavy munitions and air defence missiles at the site.

The vehicle has enhanced passability and crew protection from various types of ammunition and fire.

Kiev had blamed that deadly blast on Moscow and its Russian-backed armed groups fighting Ukrainian forces in the war-wracked east - a charge both denied.

The Ukrainian prime minister hinted it was possible sabotage by Ukraine's enemies, according to the AP. The depot, which encompasses more than 60 hectares, contains 188,000 tonnes of munitions. Police spokesman Yaroslav Trakalo told the Pravda news outlet the flames caused artillery shells in the facility to explode one after another.

The national police said more than 30,000 people had been evacuated from areas immediately surrounding the storage site.

Today (Wednesday), tens of thousands of Ukrainians were evacuated from their homes after a large explosion took place at an ammunition warehouse west of Kiev.

The Ukranian government has been in active conflict with Russian-backed separatists since 2014. "In addition, 180 patients were evacuated from Vinnytsia area hospitals", Ukraine's Emergency Ministry said.

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